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If you are taking the amoxil oral suspension you must use a special dose-measuring device,such as a special spoon or cup.

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You may stliquid Amoxil in a igatbut dnot allow it tz. Thow away any liquid that is not usd within 14 days at it was mixd at th phamacy.

Th a many bands and oms amoxicillin availabl and not all bands a listd on this lalt.

Th a many bands and oms amoxicillin availabl and not all bands a listd on this lalt.

Histoy a sv immdiat hypsnsitivity action (.g. anaphylaxis) tanoth bta-lactam agnt (.g. a cphalospoin, cabapnm monobactam).

Us this mdicin th ull pscibd lngth tim. You symptoms may impov bth inction is compltly clad. Skipping doss may alsincas you isk uth inction that is sistant tantibiotics. Amoxicillin will not tat a vial inction such as th lu a common cold.

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